Vamadeva (Andrew Campagnola) and Hari (Robert Campagnola)

On Janmastami, 2006, Vamadeva and Hari broadcast kirtan performed live in Florida. The tracks presented here are the live recordings of that broadcast. You can find out more about the two cousins under their individual categories on this page.

Govinda Bolo Hari 8 Mb   "Janmastami Live Broadcast"
Govinda Jaya Jaya 12 Mb   "Janmastami Live Broadcast"
Hare Krsna 2 19 Mb   "Janmastami Live Broadcast"
Harinam Kevalam 9 Mb   "Janmastami Live Broadcast"
Om Namo Bhagavate 3 Mb   "Janmastami Live Broadcast"
Radhe Govinda Bolo 5 Mb   "Janmastami Live Broadcast"
Radhe Radhe 12 Mb   "Janmastami Live Broadcast"
Sri Krsna Govinda Hare Murare 23 Mb   "Janmastami Live Broadcast"

We will experience our being by loving without fear, without expectation, without attachment, without demands, and without judging ourselves or others. We shall accept life as it is, in conscious awareness of ourselves and the universe that we are co-creating. We shall be the wonderful and powerful spiritual forces of good we are.