Harimedia.net Introduction
An Introduction to the Various Aspects of Harimedia.net

Harimedia is dedicated to improving people's quality of life in a deep and meaningful way. To accomplish this, we offer lectures, meditations and discussions in live, recorded and written formats. We also facilitate the artistic creations of musicians, photographers and videographers by giving them a forum to display their work. Harimedia has much to offer and we want to make your browsing experience as easy as possible. Here is a complete summary index explaining what each section of the site is all about.

On the Home page, the page you first see when you type in the URL (web address) www.harimedia.net, there is a menu bar and under it various sections. The first section is called "Lectures" and it contains information about the most recent lecture available on our server. You can either click on the blue lecture title to go directly to that lecture, or you can click on the green lecture heading to go to the lecture section. If you wish to hear the latest lecture directly, click on the play button on the bar below.

Under this section you will find a video player. The last lecture with an English only audio track that was recorded in video from the live Saturday broadcast can be seen directly here by clicking on the play button. Alternatively, you can click on the green title bar, "Video Lectures," to go to the gallery where all the video recordings of lectures in English can be found. As Hari is listening to a Russian translation in one ear, he often pauses or waits for the translator to catch up. These pauses are for the most part removed from the audio only recordings.

Under the video section is the Meditations section. If you click on the "Meditation" or "Music" bar, you will go directly to where the meditation recordings are stored.

Down the bottom of this page, just under the sections mentioned above is our statement of how we shall live our lives. It is our commitment to ourselves and others.

Under this you will find (from left to right) first a button labeled "Radio" that brings you to the page explaining how to connect to the Harimedia radio broadcast, then the Harimedia energy generator consisting of two pyramids moving in opposite directions which we use in our meditations, then a button called "Introduction" which leads you to this explanation page, and then a button to connect to the Russian version of the site.

At the lower left bottom is a link to the site map where you will find all the sections of the site hierarchically organized. It basically duplicates the green menu bar.

The green menu bar is found under the heading at the top of most pages. Each of the words in this bar is clickable or has multiple items under it for you to choose from. Each of these menu items is described below.

Menu Headings:

Navigate: Home brings you back to this home page wherever you are in the site. Links are the same as the last menu item on the green bar and are interesting places to visit outside of the Harimedia experience. You may write to us using the Contact link where there is a web form that allows you to send us feedback, ask questions, register complaints, or inform us of something we need to know! If you find some links are invalid, use the contact page to inform us of this and we shall fix them immediately. Finally, you can connect to the Russian Site which is for Russian speakers.


Music: In this section you will find free downloads from musicians who have kindly agreed to share their music with us. You will be asked to acknowledge their right to the material you are downloading, and you are encouraged to give them feedback or purchase their CDs if you wish. Other musicians who wish to share their original music in this section can contact us and tell us about their music.

Lectures: Hari has been broadcasting live on Saturdays since March of 2004. Most of these lectures are available on these pages. As there are many, there are multiple pages where you can find lectures. You will find the most recent lectures listed first, so if you are new to the site you might want to start at the previous pages to hear the subjects which form the foundation of the recent lectures. As you move your mouse over the lecture title, a summary description of the lecture appears below.

Meditations: There were group guided meditations at the end of some of the lectures. You can find these meditations listed here for downloading. If there is a meditation associated with a lecture, this will be stated under the lectureÕs summary desciption. As the meditations are not sequential, you can do whatever meditation interests you.

YouTube: This page has embedded videos from YouTube related to Hari. "Embedded" means that you can watch them directly on this page without going to YouTube to see them. These videos can be watched in full screen. You can follow the link in the first paragraph to go to the original YouTube Channel where you can adjust the resolution of the video according to your internet speed or computer capacity.


Explanation: The explanation button will bring you to the page where the Saturday broadcasts are explained.

FAQ: The FAQ button will bring you to the forums where various questions related to correcting any internet problem, player problem, or general confusion are (hopefully) answered.

Forum: Here you will find hundreds of texts, some viewed thousands of times, on various relevant subject matters related to our lives, our spirituality, our personal development and philosophy of life, as well as news items, tips and advice, discussions of all kinds and important information regarding Harimedia.

Click on this menu item to enter the forum. You may read anything you like, but if you wish to create a topic or comment on an existing topic, you will need to register. Once registered, you have free access to contribute to the forum. Remember, you do NOT need to register to read any of the texts as registration is only for those who wish to participate in the discussions, but you are encouraged to write if you want. There is no expectation on what you write, how well you write, how good your english is, how popular your opinion is, or how reverent or irreverent you are. We are mainly interested in your sincerity of expression. As the contributors are from around the world and some are not native english speakers, linguistic errors are to be expected. Naturally, offensive texts are edited to preserve our sanity. You do not need to use your real name in the forums if you wish to remain anonymous.

The forum is organized in topics. For example, by clicking on the forum entitled, "Discussions with Hari" you will find a long list of discussion topics ranging over a few pages. You can scroll down through the topics or through the pages and find something of interest to you or you can use the search feature at the top of the screen to find something you specifically are interested in, but do not count too heavily on this search feature as the forums are vast. Do not assume the most interesting topics are at the top of the forum list as these are merely the most recent posts. To the right of each topic you will find the original author, the number of replies, the number of times someone has viewed the topic, the date of the last post and the poster's name.

When you click on a topic, you will see the original post and after that any replies that have been added to it. Scroll down to read it.

One can access all the forums in this way. The upper forum section is for the administrator to give information and answer questions. The lower forum section is open for the public.

Sometimes there are votes. Usually these are made to help the administrators understand what the viewers want. They are totally anonymous and should be answered honestly.

You can return to the home page by clicking on the Harimedia.net logo at the top of the forum page.


Photo Gallery: Here members can share their original photos. There are interesting subsections in this gallery where we present artists and photographers to the public. You can click on the section headings to enter into the realms of the artists, photographers or members, and you can click directly on the names of the individuals to go to their displayed gallery. The art is very good! Only registered members can upload to the gallery; registration requires approval from the administrator, so write us an email requesting your registration after you complete the registration process. We always know anyway that someone has registered, but when you write us we know who you are specifically and can complete the approval.

Video Gallery: Works the exact same way as the Photo Gallery, but for videos. And some of these videos are interesting indeed! We try to post as many videos as we can of Hari's lectures, interviews or discussions. Some are from his live broadcast. You will find original music videos, serious original art work videos, and fun videos of all kinds. They have been converted to flash format so you can easily view them directly from your browser regardless of their size. Of course, you need to have a fast enough broadband connection to see them properly.

You can navigate through the galleries by using the hierarchical menu that appears just under the Harimedia logo at the top of the page. There you will see the path to the section of the gallery where you are presently situated. Clicking on any item to the left in the path enables you to navigate there directly.

You can return to the home page at any time by clicking on the Harimedia.net logo at the top of the gallery page.

Donate: Harimedia is free. It is supported entirely by the voluntary donations of those who appreciate what we are doing. If you feel so inclined, you can use this page to donate regularly or only one time. You will be transferred to a secure connection where you can use a credit card or a PayPal account to make a donation.

Links: Some interesting places we think you might find valuable!

We will experience our being by loving without fear, without expectation, without attachment, without demands, and without judging ourselves or others. We shall accept life as it is, in conscious awareness of ourselves and the universe that we are co-creating. We shall be the wonderful and powerful spiritual forces of good we are.