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Pancadhara das in Argentina has been doing a really nice job of putting all the Rasa (and BLISS) music online in Bandcamp and other sites. You can listen to these albums in Bandcamp (and even buy some if you are so inclined) at Rasa's Pages on Bandcamp. I had forgotten about these tracks. I had a fun time listening to the young me and the energetic music. Enjoy! -- Hari

Harimedia is hosting a collection of mp3 songs from composers and artists participating in our music sharing facility. The tracks are from various time periods, ranging from the late 70's to the present day. Some tracks are from CDs and the composers will send them to you for a modest fee if you write to them. Each composer is listed on the next page with a brief description and contact information. By clicking on their image or name, you can enter into their music area and download or listen to their tracks.

All music on this web site is copyrighted by the artists, so please respect their rights.  By agreeing to the terms and conditions of our site before you download, you acknowledge the copyrights of the artists.

Due to modern innovations, anyone can make a good quality CD and only those who fit within the commercial mold and mode can sell large quantities of their works. There are presently thousands of superb musicians out of work and many with unreleased albums. Many are frustrated at the present state of the music world but see little hope for change. We at Harimedia believe that by giving artists a chance to freely offer their music to a wider audience they can be recognized and maybe even sell a few CDs! Some of the artists listed here are already recognized professional musicians. They have kindly agreed to participate in this program for your listening pleasure.

More music will appear on this site as it becomes available. Contact us if you wish to be listed as a performer. Listeners are invited to donate to the performers if they wish to express their appreciation.

Offered with love.

We will experience our being by loving without fear, without expectation, without attachment, without demands, and without judging ourselves or others. We shall accept life as it is, in conscious awareness of ourselves and the universe that we are co-creating. We shall be the wonderful and powerful spiritual forces of good we are.