Intermediate Energy Training

Garuda Pandit is an accomplished practioner and teacher of the usage of Qi in various forms. He will post texts which will help anyone learn how to use Qi and thus strengthen their body and mind.
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Intermediate Energy Training

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Intermediate Energy Training

More advanced instructions for developing, cultivating and training energy. I like to use the term "energy", for reasons I’ll discuss later. This training is similar to the "Three Powers Standing", but with more details on how to feel the energy by using specific postures, internal alignments and usage of the "yi" AKA mind, intent, etc.

--Stand with feet shoulder distance apart.
--Weight slightly forward from your heels (do not lift your heels off the ground, just make them lighter)
--Arms are hanging loosely by your sides
--Allow your arms to lift slightly, i.e., your elbows go up a bit while your fingers point downward --this posture looks like a cowboy getting ready for a gunfight (hope everyone knows what I mean by this?)

Notes on this posture:
--your fingers are separated lightly, and relaxed

--for the first few minutes, just feel relaxed and comfortable in this position, as if you are standing alone on a beach
--allow yourself to smile and feel completely at ease
--feel energy pulling going upward from your elbows, rising straight up into the sky
--simultaneously, feel energy pouring downward through your fingers
--this feels like your arms want to go up, but the energy of the fingers going down prevents movement

Notes on this energy:
When you stand in this posture, you focus on relaxing completely while feeling the energy going up from the elbows and down from the fingers. These "contradictory" forces are important to feel first.


Please hold this posture a minimum of 15 minutes in order to train energy. The longer the better, since the body/mind must be trained to relax completely. There are many levels in this training but this posture is the most important foundation. Expect your health and energy to soar, but you must practice diligently.
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