The Soul of ISKCON

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:lol: O, Sri Hari, it is so funny :lol:... and the only way how to answer to the "bard of dull words..."
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Re: The Soul of ISKCON

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Hey KEN!I cannot deny your feelings and not respect them since you experiencing life like that.But looking upon from my own learnings from the lessons of life I think you get some parts of filosofie not in a proper practical aplication.I been around since 79 and thus also experienced many situations but was properly learned that NOT even a blad of Gras CAN MOVE WITHOUT the sanction of the LOrd.I also propely learned that What ever the LORD think is immiedietly manifested so since I also Learned the Peace fromula That Prabhupada kindly delivered to us:God,Krishna is the owner of everything,GOD,Krishna IS THE Controller of everything And He Your friend WHat is there need of unessairy worries??

Srila Prabhupada also Kindly explained that Krishna is His name and in this AGE Kali YUga This is the murti to be worshipped thrue the process of chanting and hearing.So since the Goal of any Spirituel teacher(Guru) is to help us reconnect with the Association of KRISHNA basicly speaking to JUst give the Holy Name and been abel to install faith in the process of chanting HIS job is Donne.NOW its up to You and me and take the Chanting with utmost sincerity.

I got the idea of comparing it with somebodie Who would like to become as good or better than Tiger Woods .He migth learn from him some thought process how to built up ones game BUT AFTER that you have to do all the hard hard work of practicing.You never blame Him for your lack of success.He is showing kindness enought if He told you how he did THE rest You have to take all the Job as He Himself had donne in his life.NOBODIE ELSE CAN DO THAT JOB FOR YOU.So its your fault you didnt training before NOT THE TRAINERS!!!Srila Prabhupada also kindly helped us to Understand that even association with devotees especially Personal
association with Gur will also occur while you chanting sincerly.Efter all Krishna name is Krishna and within KRISHNA is everything.

So if You think somebodei eles has a problem that cause your lakc of chanting and remebering and think somebodie else should do that for you There is obviusly a missing link to happiness.So Its also stated when the lord likes someboie he might bless him with wealth but if He loves somebodie He takes away all wealth to makethe souls helplessly depending on the Lords mercy.So Everything is wondefull IF YOU like to try to see that.Wish yu all the best

Hope its OK i made this comment?
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