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Gaura wrote:It seems people come to this world to have a growth. And that growth is connected mostly with the interpersonal relationships and overcoming some obstacles on their path.
What if man goes on the path of understanding his self (by one of the path, like yoga, meditation and so on). What for then he has came to this world. It seems completely another kind of path then ordinary people do in this world.

And from this the main question is coming what is the reason of our growth. Who we are and why it should be so hard to grow. I have heard an answer that we wanted to forget ourselves and our relationships for when we do find them again it would be SO INLIVENING. But I have doubt, why if one really want to quit this game something is against that and keeping one in the dream state. For what, for that "GREAT INLIVENING"? That is strange kind of attitude at list to the poor soul.(Joke)


Then the other question is coming to my mind, which I think interesting and I'm thinking about it now. The oneness. As you have said in one of the lecture, Lord Chaitanya said about oneness and difference. And you said that we somehow get attached to deference and forgot the oneness.

It is said there was a God. And he separated his self to many others to have association. And that separation is forever, from that point. If one ask about the dilemmas connected with that he immediately get answer it's too hi to understand, it's not so important and so on. That means we have to blindly belief in that.
It's seems scientists say the same - it's not important just keep on action with life. The only difference that scientists say we are researching that and religion say that is the fact.
But the oneness is also impossible to understand, but steel it's easier to accept (for me at list for this moment).

Sorry for making a soup of issues, but all of them is interesting for me. You can chose what issue you like. It's very interesting to know your opinion for them.
"How art thou so fallen, O Lucifer, son of the morning..." Bible

We do not come into this world to grow, we come into this world to play God, to attempt to be the controller and enjoyer.

Like drops of water from the ocean all taste of the sea, we as particles of God yearn to be like God, but alas, we cannot be, so God, always endeavoring to please us places us into a condition in which although we can still not be Supreme, we can become so ignorant that we can go on continuing to imagine, day after day, life after life that someday we may be "Today I have defeated an enemy, tomorrow I will defeat more. Today I have increased my properties, tomorrow I will increase them more (paraphrased from SB).

But in this condition we can never be truely happy or completly satisfied so Krsna sets it up so that actual growth within it brings one to this realization; that life is meant to break your heart.

The Sanskrit word Asura, or demon derives from two root words; Asu and Ramante (sp). Asu means "to enjoy" and Ramante meand "the life airs", simply translated this way the word Asura means simply "a lover of life," quite a different connotation than one ascribes to the word demon, but we are all spirits rebellious who do not wish in reality to surrender to God, but to take over His position. He'd give it to us if He could, but there is even better than that that Krsna can give.
Self realization begins at home
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