How are these forums managed?

This forum will present answers to the questions that we hear the most. Broadcast reception, program settings, forum etiquette and guidelines are among the different topics addressed herein. The list will grow as the need arises. Start here when you have a question about these things. Write a comment in the Problems and Issues forum when you want more answers.
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How are these forums managed?

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These forums are for all of you. However, some of the forums are locked. For example, this forum where questions that concern all are answered, is a read only forum. This means only the administrators can write texts but all can read them.

Other forums are interactive where all can read and all can write. Administrators or moderators can move texts or threads (subject matters with many texts in them) to other places when it seems good to do this. For example, when there was a lively discussion on varnasrama in Discussions with Hari that had little to do with Hari, we moved it to the Free Exchange forum where everyone could have their say! We left a link in Hari's forum so you could easily find the discussion again. We do this for cleanliness and order to make this experience easier for you.

There are facilities to monitor forums. This means that a person is selected who will receive all the posts to that forum and determine if they are appropriate for public viewing. So far we have not needed to do this but if things get out of hand we will. More info in the guidelines topic!

Sometimes people write personal letters or exchanges in forums. We feel it best to delete them from the public forums and deal with them privately. It seems common sense to do this, but some people get upset and think this is censorship. We do not mean it as a censorship but rather as a maintaining of order and sanity in forums which are growing faster than we could imagine!

There are certain codes that we are uncovering as we go along and another topic in this forum will cover these codes or guidelines. Administrators can ban, remove, or delete whatever they want. We avoid doing this as we do wish to make this a forum for you to express how you feel, but when we have to, we will.

There are more features that you can use such as voting, but only experienced users figure it out. There are also personal emails allowed to other forum members.

All this management is done by the administrators of this web site. We try our best but sometimes there will be glitches. Hopefully we can satisfy all desires in due course.
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