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From 26 March 2011.

Listen at: https://harimedia.net/downloads/lecture ... ealing.mp3

Change was intended by an enormous amount of people. Change is occurring as a consequence of this intense desire. Transformation from one state to another releases energy. This energy affects us deeply. How can we deal with it? Healing is the key.

.."You know how the essence is the consciousness. And how all aspects of sentient activity, of sensual activity, the senses, are related to essence. How they are the consciousness manifesting as energy in our environment, whatever body we may be in, whatever energy we may embrace around us.

Our consciousness is that which perceives, is that which creates thought on that platform we may know off as the mind or mental though. And that it's an echoing to a certain extent of our cellular structure, where memory is stored. It's an echoing to a certain extent of other persons echoing of their intentions, of their desires, of their different struggles and processes they are going though.

..Last night I had the unusual opportunity of being in the company of someone who worked directly in nuclear power plants, as a quality control supervisor. Who knew basically everything about how this things worked, and all of the problems which occur in them.

And he was explaining how the reason there is radioactivity floating all over the world is that they didn't have enough people working in the plant. Because no plant has enough people. Because everywhere all over the world they are just downsizing enormously, and they didn't follow safety procedures. And they fraudulently said they did. And therefore there is even radioactivity being detected - elevated levels not enormously, but elevated right now - in Stockholm, Seattle, San Francisco. In other words, it's moving all over the world.

Now that's not the subject of my talk today. What I wish to talk today is about healing. This discussion is a very fascinating one, and I'd like to introduce this discussion. If you have seen I posted in my corner in the forum a text from Tom Canyon and the Hathors (https://tomkenyon.com). Which if you've been following seem to be quite similar to what I've been saying.

In other words, I've been saying something and than somebody sends me this link that says: "Hey they just said that too." And their last text was about, again like I had originally spoken at that time during the very first day after the earthquake. That you should not believe one word they say about the effects of the earthquake on the nuclear reactors.

Because they will not tell the truth, they will lie. Not only to save faith, which is their custom, but because of other reasons. And the other reasons I have now understood to be related to the fact that they don't have enough man power to properly do what they were supposed to do. And their safety procedures were faulty. So, they were also speaking at that time about the major problem coming up next, will be radioactivity and toxicity.


..I found that to be very interesting. Because I also felt that even though let's say a disaster may be located in one place, and the human mind being what it is, we all think, well, that's over there. And we may feel some compassion. But we feel that that's over there, it doesn't effect us. And somehow or another after the first four or five days, maybe a week, it fades from the media, it fades from the public view. Because our capacity to absorb disasters news is quite limited. So we just simply push it away. We push it away in a way which is quite interesting. Because it's very in tune with human nature to try to avoid unpleasant things.

But there are effects of disasters that are cumulative. Like even though that volcano went of in Iceland, it effected everybody in a very real way. In the sense of ash, or in the sense of ruining airplane travel. Stranding thousands and thousands of people. So every time there is some kind of a Earth reaction let's call it, there are byproduct effects, consequences which can affect very large groups of people.

And there are this nuclear plants everywhere. And when they are affected by earthquake, directly or indirectly, there is a very serious chance that there will be release of radioactivity. So as this man said yesterday, nuclear energy is dangerous - it's dangerous. Anything can happen that goes out of the planing of that particular unit. Especially when they don't properly maintain it according to the safety standard.

So, as they said, the Hathors, the Tom Canyon peoples. And as I felt, radioactivity, toxicity, is a very serious issue for us to deal with. Now, as you might know, or maybe don't know, radioactivity is very difficult to deal with. You can protect against one form of radioactive contamination, by taking Iodium which helps protect the thyroid. But that only protects one small portion of it. And there is such a panic right now in the United States that you can't even buy Iodium pills. It's not possible. They are all gone. And yet at the same time Iodium is not the cure. Nothing cures, nothing stops it.

So they gave this methodology through meditative practice, through visualization, through the movement of energy, to somehow or another neutralize the effects of radioactivity. So I advise you to look at that text, and learn it.

Now what I find in that that's relevant to our discussion on healing today came from further discussions last night. Because it wasn't all about nuclear reactions. Actually it was a meeting of my wife's astrological students - she teaches nearby here - and the people who run that academy. And other teachers were there, and students were there, and there at one point there was a discussion that - this discussion about thought. This discussion is... Well, what produces thought? What is the source of that thought? How does thought appear? And it's a very fascinating question.

And originally when I woke up this morning, I thought I was gonna talk about that question. Because it's really cool, from the... I would say from the philosophical point of view, or perhaps conceptual point of view, it brings up all kinds of points.

But actually you know those points, you know all of this. You've heard it before from me over and over again. So, you know how the Essence is the consciousness. And how all aspects of sentient activity, of sensual activity - the senses - are related to Essence. How they are the consciousness manifesting as energy in our environment. Whatever body we may be in, whatever energy we may embrace around us.


..Our consciousness is that which perceives, is that which creates thought on that platform we may know off as the mind, or mental thought. And that is an echoing to a certain extent of our cellular structure, where memory is stored. It is an echoing to a certain extent of other persons echoing of their intentions, of their desires, of their different struggles and processes they are going thought.

So you know all this stuff. I mean if I was to talk about it, we would be repeating. And that's not bad. It's not bad to repeat about consciousness or to repeat about this things. Because it gives us a very clear environment. It clears the way of those aspects of our environment which are not actually relevant to us as essence. Which are things we embrace, things we carry along in this lifetime, which we use in various ways for our exposition called life.

It's our performance on this stage. Like Shakespeare said: "All the world is a stage and we are merely players." Of course that is very fatalistic. That idea brings about the conception that it's all scripted and we are working under the direction of some higher authority. And we also know that's not entirely so - although there are certain aspects of that true - that our consequences have been presented to us because of everything that is happening in the past. But we were co-creators of that. We directed that progress, or at least we influenced it to a very great degree, by our choices and decisions. So, okay, we know all this stuff.

Now we have a situation which is urgent. We've spoken about that in the last two weeks especially, and a lot of people were disturbed. We talked about this last week about this fatalistic idea I'm bringing up, or apocalyptic. But I don't believe in apocalypse, I don't believe in doomsday. That doesn't mean it's not gonna happen, it doesn't mean it will happen. It's just simply my personal feeling for whatever that's worth. I feel there will be a series of challenges as I've been describing, progressively building upon each other.

The point being to force transformation, the point being to force change. Because change is required, change is on the table. And if you think about it, that's also part of the evolutionary process, it's also part of our decision making. That we are choosing change.

People in America voted for Obama because he promised change. Although he's not doing that change they thought. But there was this incredible movement towards change. So the intention of all this people for change has power, regardless of the object of their intention being powerless to make change or not. But they intended it, they pushed that energy out. See the change in the Arab world, it's an intention. It doesn't matter whether you know it works, or it doesn't work in certain places. But that intention is there. It's an energy of transformation that is being placed strategically in the energetic atmosphere. The energetic atmosphere is pregnant with change, pregnant with transformation. It is what is happening.

Now it will manifest across the boards. Which means along every level of existence. That means the physical level, our bodies, our communities, our politics, our economics, our Earth. It will manifest in our minds, in our desires, in our directions, in our values. Especially if you think about that. This challenges seriously effect our values. What we feel is important will change radically.


..And if you think about it. What is the most important of all things? Well, the people in Tokyo know this now so strongly. Water. If you remember some time back, we had this discussion about water. We tried to tune to water, to change it's crystalline structure back to its purified state. To connect to the water in our own bodies. Because water is the most essential element for all. It's obvious I don't even have to discuss. We already discussed it in that lecture. And again I'm not trying to bring you back to places you have already been.

I'm trying to present healing, and stick with me, we are getting there. So, water. Getting it. The first thing one should do wherever one wishes to go... Because going - last night it was incredible. Every single person who was there wanted to leave and go somewhere else - every single person. And I ended up, because here I am the world traveler, having lived all over the world, well, not everywhere but a lot of places, a lot more than anyone else at least in that group, in most groups.

So I started explaining about the good and bad of every place. You know you get this there, you get that there, this is possible, that's not possible. And everybody was fascinated. Because they wanted to move. They wanted to give up their burdens of mortgages, they wanted to give up their burdens of struggle. They wanted to do more peaceful things, they wanted to be more connected to self.

Wow! So cool! The primary ingredient of all of this is water. Wherever you move there must be water, pure water. Not water that you have to get rid of something to drink. I mean even sea water is like that. To drink sea water, you've got to distill it. I mean even I used to drink distilled, I used to drink desalinated it's called sea water in Bahrain. It's disgusting. It is no way you can accept this as pure water.

So you need to be some... You don't need to take out salt, you don't have to take out iron. I remember in Korsnas we drilled a well, and the water was red, iron. You have to make this expensive system to pull out iron before you can even think about it. And still it's disgusting. So water, number one primary consideration, wherever you are. You know one millionaire, billionaire, Warren Buffet, he is just buying up the whole central and middle part of the United States to corner the market on water. The water tsar. He wants to get all the water under his control. And because he's a billionaire, he's doing it.

If you think about healing, pure water is the essential element in healing. It cleanses, it purifies, it supports, it nourishes. Distilled water is not the same. It takes away things from the body. Bad stuff yes, good stuff too. Drains you of minerals. You want a balanced water, a good water, drinking water, that supports the body, does the right stuff - healing. Because when all of this stuff of change hits deeply. When all of this stuff hits, and it affects you - because you think it won't, but it will. Water is one part, the most important part. But than it becomes part of a larger issue called healing.

You're gonna have to deal with healing. You're gonna have to deal with taking care of yourself. You know at one point you may not be able to depend on doctors in anyway. I mean I'm prejudiced against doctors, I don't think they are the greatest healers. I don't think that they even heal that much.


..If you think about healing, all healing is self healing. Because after all any medicine you would give, be it allopathic, ayurvedic, herbal or Nani or naturopathic or homeopathic or whatever - even light, whatever. What it does, is it supports the body so that the body may restore its balance, it may restore its health. So all of this techniques are simply meant to restore the health of the body, so that the body itself may bring itself back to health.

A medicine doesn't really cure you. It may remove a parasite, for example, that's causing you trouble. And when the parasite is removed, the problems created by the parasite are removed by the body. When the body itself works, when the immune system takes over - when its functioning normally of corse - and when you cure yourself.

Now let's just get back to that point on another level, self healing. Healing is very much related to the environment. Who you are, what you are, and where you are, are very significant aspects in healing. We know that psychologically that's a psychological factor. Whenever you go to somebody for some assistance of your emotional, or mental, or whatever stress related problem. The factor of who you are, what you are, where you are, are essential and they work together.

If you think about this ayurvedic principles of over eating, anxiety and uncleanliness, as being the sources of disease. Overeating, we eat to much and we can't digest, or we eat the wrong things and we can't digest. If we can digest with great power, than that digestion becomes part of the healing process, because it gives power and strength to the body. But when we can't digest, it becomes part of the disease mechanisms. By bringing out, in Ayurveda called ama or undigested substances, which deposit themselves in various places in the body, and burden the body and create disease.

This is the same thing as toxicity. Because after all, who can digest serious toxins? Radioactivity? Nobody. Heavy metal poisoning? Nobody. Chemical poisoning? Nobody. So our bodies are cumulatively absorbing all of this things and we can't digest them. So at last we should not further burden the body, by eating in such a way that we develop all the sludge that coats various places in our body and weakens our system. Sludge is like a gunk, like the grime ama, this unwanted gunk that's everywhere in a diseased person.

And anxiety, what is anxiety? It's stress, it's stress. Stress is a killer, it's not just a problem. It's a killer. When we are stressed, it creates such an incredible burden upon our consciousness, upon our energy. It rips the peace of our existence, it causes us enormous out of balance disruption and distortion. Stress is a killer. It's the cause of all disease, because all disease has a component of stress to it. Germs, parasites, viruses, stress our system. But even more, when we are psychologically stressed, energetically stressed, our capacity to fight of disease is cut. Because we are preoccupied, our consciousness is rattled, we are shaking around. And when we are shaking around energetically, we can't focus on healing ourselves.

And you combine this with uncleanliness, contaminations that come in our water, in our food, in our environment, bacteriologically, virologically, other ways. In other words if you think about it the whole thing boils down to anything that is not natural to the body. So the original principle of healing is to... Somebody told me this last night, and I loved the way she summarised the whole thing. She said the whole clue is to feel your body so well, you will know what to do.


..Now imagine if you were a religionist at this point and time, who simply thinks the body is illusion. And the clue to survival is to reject it, to deny it, to not be connected to it, but to be connected somewhere else. It is absolutely contrary to survival in the present moment. Of corse if you have a death wish it's fine, because you'll get it. You'll get the fulfillment of your desires. But if you don't have a death wish, which is actually the normal state of consciousness, than you'll be able to deal with it when you are completely in connection with your body, when you feel your body, when you and your body are one. Where your energy is flowing in, through, and (is) aware of your cells, of your physical connection.

Where you can even connect to all the cells in your body and ask them how they feel. Ask them what they want, what they need. What is needed now? "Speak to me place of pain!" Let's see if you have a pain somewhere. "Speak to me!" "How can this be relieved?" And listen. After all it's the easiest thing in the world to know what your body feels. What you feel, as your energy flows through this body. This is one of the primary ingredients in healing.

Because if you don't know how the body feels, if you are not aware of that cellular echo - that cellular communication - you will not be able to amplify the healing process. Which is so incredibly important right now in this time of challenge, to amplify the healing process, to feel what is required. But that's not all of the healing process. Because when you ask, the solutions are sometimes beyond our personal capacity to deal with. You need help, things may be needed. Sometimes the body may say, I need more water, so you drink more. That's easy to get.

But what if you've got some kind of parasite or something, you may need some actual medicine. Or you may need somebody to tell you, you need some actual medicine. So at that point you need to know that this problem is something serious, "I need to get some help, I need to do something about it." Or if you're good at this stuff, you can try to deal with it on your own in whatever research way you can to come up with some solution.

Because a doctor may not be able to help you. Maybe, maybe not. And especially when things become very confused, when large numbers of people are challenged at once, the capacity of others to help will be reduced. So one has to have ones own first aid process, or to be able to use that process with others.

Times are coming where being a healer, and being evolved, will be natural companions. Because if you know self, if you feel and are connected to, are within, and are of your energy, your consciousness no longer makes distinctions between bodily, mental, energetic or spiritual. Your consciousness simply is. And how its energy moves, and where that energy is placed, is solely a matter of choice, a matter of flavor.

This is the mystical platform. It's very different than the divided platform of body, of mind, of intelligence, of spirit. That's a very divided platform that at this point has very little relevance. Which is filled with so many conceptions of good and bad, and judgemental characteristics, that it places oneself as an enemy to oneself, in the name of realizing self. I do not mean that this points are not true or they have no value, they do. But in the context only of the consciousness of being.

This are ways of describing processes of consciousness. Something else we talked about yesterday. Intelligence is a process by which we discriminate. But that's part of our consciousness. That is related to our evolutionary connection, to our being, to essence which is filled with knowledge. And from this platform of knowledge we discriminate as to which element, what choice, how we shall act, what we shall do.


..And mind is a way of speaking about how consciousness communicates when it is not using words, or it's not communicating with energy, or it's not communicating with touch, or with visuals. It's the way in which consciousness communicates with other consciousness. When it is choosing to be in its own place, a communication not necessarily connected to other parts of being. It just places itself in its own energy as a process of communication.

This is especially apparent at night when we dream. Where that process develops a place of its own, an energy of its own, on a platform which is not considering body, not considering the energy that is flowing out and connecting with other energies or the senses. It places itself in another arena and lives in that arena. And when you really want to make that vivid, you bring along sensation where you allow in that arena sensation, experiential sensuality in the sense of sentient of senses, to allow the experience to expand in its scope.

But let's go back from that, back to where we were, consciousness as a complete whole, not as a divided series of processes. Division make sense when it is important for it to make sense. When it's important for it to happen, it happens. As in dream. Or for instance when we're eating, and we have to be in tune to what we're eating, and the effect of our stomach and our body. There are multiple examples, you know them.

So consciousness when it is acting as a whole is very essential for self healing, and for healing others. Because another person may be in this shaken energy, shaken situation, where things are shaking in perhaps not even a way which has any form to it. It's a distorted kind of shake, a wave form which is grading on itself. Healer is required to smooth out that energy, to remove aspects of it which are creating this contradictory, distorted effect. Now, how do you do that? Well, I'll tell you how I do it, I am consciousness, you can also do it with me.

Shut your eyes and just feel your consciousness! And avoid making any distinction of thought or feeling, of body or events, or memories! Just be that consciousness you are! Feel your essence! You know that feeling, you had that feeling before. Now feel your hands, feel energy pulsating in the palms of your hands! If you don't feel it, bring your palms together to the point where you feel energy in between, perhaps like a ball.

There is energy there in your palms. Feel your energy! Feel energy flowing into your left palm! Suck it in, absorb it, from the universe! Connect to healing energy, or the Heilstrom (Bruno Gröning (1906-1959) caused a world-wide sensation in 1949 with his astonishing healings! His legacy was the knowledge of how to receive the spiritual healing power ("Heilstrom" in German, www.gh-verlag.de - added by Harsi) or whatever you wish - that healing energy. Just tune your consciousness to healing energy, and let that absorb into the palms of your hand! Draw it in, breath it in! Like you would breath with your lungs. Let it flow into your body! If you can, let it flow into a circuit to the right hand, where it can come out if you wish, but not yet.

Even more powerfully, the crown chakra, the Sahasrara chakra, is the greatest way to absorb energy into the body - healing energy. Like when we did the meditation from the heavens. Let that energy flow in, and let the healing energy of the Earth flow up! And the healing energy from the heavens is more important right now. Let it flow in and flood us! This are our sources of energy, of extra energy that can flow. And our hands may be ways in which we may project.


..Now, let's examine for a second this projection. If you meet somebody who needs help, you would not just start projecting. That would be damaging. What you would do - what I do - is first feel them. Just like you feel your body, your cells, you feel their energy. You feel how it connects to their body, you feel where there seems to be an aberration of energy, something that doesn't belong there. Something which is putting out to much energy or not enough, or holes in their energy.

Feel their energy like that by scanning them? Sweeping, scanning slowly with your palms, or scanning with your fingertips, over their body and feeling where there is a problem. And when you feel a problem, connect with their energy! And with your hands scoop around that energetic problem and lift it up, out of their energy field! And than burn it up with fire! Wuhhh! Or if you like, turn it into birds that fly away!

Indeed, you can also cleanse an entire body by taking your fingers and making a capturing agent, and programming the capturing to only take away negative energy. To program it, "I will now remove negative energy!" And you sweep from the head down slowly, capturing energy that's negative and bringing it right down through the body, down to the feet and again, phuu, burning up what you take away.

And again, keep doing till you don't feel anymore that negative energy. Until it feels light and cool and there is no spots because you scan again. There is no spots which are an aberration, a distortion. And you keep removing all this until there is nothing more to remove.

Advanced technique. You may find somebody is so filled with contaminating energies. They may even feel like a gunk, that you need to create a big hose to just syphon of all that energy away from you somewhere else where it's captured. And some assistance you can call can put that in bags and carry away to be destroyed. Or you can pull out ropes of gunk and just get them out entirely.

There are all kinds of things you can do. But non of this is possible unless you can really do it. It's not just a game, it's not just a visualisation. You actually have to have such a capacity, which in not that difficult to get. Simply being able to cleanse away unwanted things in another persons energy field, is such an incredible service. Because when you do that really, you'll just hear them go: "Hooo." As if a huge rock has been pulled of their chest, a huge burden has been removed from their energy. You'll hear it. If you don't hear it, you don't feel that happening, you're not really doing it. Because when you really remove it all, they just collapse into relaxation - deeply..

At that point according to training - and it's beyond the scope of right now for me to do it, but I will - you can than do things. You can fix chakras, make them straight, put them back where they belong, make sure they're spinning properly. Make sure they're not stuck, make sure they're are not unhealthy, correct what's missing, make sure they're strong.

You can place colored light. This is very wonderfully explained by Choa Kok Sui, (see: www.prana-heilung.de/grandmaster-choa-kok-sui.html) the prana therapy founder, of some light green or some light orange(s) (colored), but that under severe... Like whatever, you have to learn the colors, learn where they belong, learn how they are good, what they are good for. You'll feel what the body wants, you will know it.


..There are also techniques to heal specific diseases. Don't forget you have that photon energy of the Sun very powerfully right now, to help redefine the frequency of the body, the higher frequency. Because some people are still struggling with a difference between higher and lower frequency. It's kind of like an energetic jet lag. They haven't actually figured it out yet. See you have to help them sometimes to go to that new frequency, that base frequency which is important for relaxed survival.

So healing, it all boils down to removing stress. Because right now the principle is stress. And removing stress will help the body heal to support the immune system, to fill it so much with light that radioactivity cannot enter. That you absorb so much powerful light, and your Aura is so powerfully pushing outwards in a bubble around you, that that radioactive frequency cannot enter. And when it's a matter of life and death, it's the best defence you've got.

Don't worry about how successful it is. Of corse it may not be a hundred percent successful, but if it's at least fifty percent successful, you've done incredibly good things for yourself. To know now more than ever - everything I've been teaching you - this philosophy of cohesive spiritual energy, this philosophy of that one-ness of Being that I am, I am as an individual. That cohesive oneness of what I am, that power I am, is going to save your life.

And this ideas that previously were accepted, are going to kill you. And I'm sorry for have to saying it so frankly. But the only way to survive at this point is to embrace entirely essence, and to stop making divisions. And to see others as you see yourself. To know there is only one of us. Because to do, or to be in contradiction with others, is to harm directly yourself. Because the very activity of contradiction creates a negativity in self, that harms us.

When you absorb light and you emanate your being, Essence, in such a powerful way, there is no contradiction in it. That is also love. It's only good. There is absolutely no negativity in it, there is no downside to it. But as soon as you negate other peoples energies or whatever, you're entangled in a negation. You're doing a dance of repulsion, it deviates you, it takes you away from your real point.

That's why values are so important now. That's why the statement, "what would love do?" is the primary principle. Because "what would love do?", is something that only that pure Essence could ask. Because you are not in a situation of conflict, you are in a situation of accommodation and adjustment.

Think about radioactivity. Don't even bother with people because people it's hard, because you hate people. I know it. You dislike people, you're upset with people. People have done you wrong, people have harmed you, they should be judged, condemned, killed, or banished or whatever. We have that in our psychic. That's what we are as humans. This contradiction of love and hate.

But put that aside and only be concerned with what we are. And accommodate strategies. Accommodation strategies are what are important. For example radioactivity, not the same as people but maybe it is. People also give you radioactivity, negative energies. Fighting them entangles you, weakens you, takes a ... Just like America, fighting here fighting there. Weakens, ruins the economy. Ruins the relationship all around the world, makes more problems.


..But they're not smart enough to understand that. Radioactivity. Can you fight it? Can you stand there and say, no? Can you say no to it? Can you push it away with your hand? As soon as you touch it, it's got you.

So the principal, the principal is love, that energy, that expansion. To allow that energy to flow out. You can send that energy to your government, so that they do catch on. Send that energy to the Earth, to heal it. Send that energy to your family. Send that energy to your neighbours. Send that energy to all people. Send that energy, be that energy.

Again if you would be to choose about loving or being loved, it's more important to love because that's love. Being loved, you may or may not receive and even you do, you may or may not value. But loving, that's the expression of self. So the secret now is to embody Essence in all respects. Our consciousness, our being, to allow it to flow.

I see even my frustration with governments has distorted my messages slightly. And it's part of my nature to be upset with decisions that are made that create conflicts. Yet, I don't know all of the problems in this world and all of the factors and... Make me president, I do a ten times worst job, hundred thousand times worst job. I don't have the ability. So for me, it's better for me to not speak badly but to send energy of love and support. I have my problems too.

And I will stop there. Because I can't sit any longer. And this discussion has been very deep on all kinds of levels, healing levels, on the levels of essence and consciousness. This has been so much discussed and it's a struggle. It's really a struggle. And the way to make it less of a struggle is to accept what we can, to do what we can and to accommodate whatever it is that's going on, in a way which doesn't create conflict, but a way which gently creates chances and transformations for the better for all.

And that is a challenge for spiritualists. How to be supportive in our movement towards a positive transformative change? That is the struggle, that is the struggle of the present moment. How to use our knowledge, our evolutionary essence? How to just allow that to spread and create positive change? Through giving all who make decisions, be they persons next door, yourself, your neighbour, your family, your president, whatever. Giving them the power, offering them this beautiful energy of support, so that change will flow in the best way. That's instruction to me too. It's instruction to all of us.

I thank you, I wish you love, I wish you happiness, I wish you peace, I wish you success, I wish you healing. Until next week, I wish you well.
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