About the Suprim Origine

A place to ask Hari, exchange ideas with him, give some suggestions, or share some ideas with him on existence. This forum is not the place to discuss anything related to his former status or situation. Hari will reply to all texts.
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About the Suprim Origine

Post by kamalamala1 »

Hi Harijee
I have a question about the Origin
About the Suprim Origine

Cause of all causes/

There are several versions of the origin of Suprem Origin.
Some texts said that the origin is without quality Brahman.
Some texts said that the origin is Purusha.
In Bhagavad gita Lord Krishna said that he is the cause of Brahman.
In Narada purana it is said that Sri Radha is cause of all including Lord Krishna.
In some puranas it is said that Lord Shiva is the Origin and in others is writen that Goddes Durga is Origin.
In some lectures you said that Krishna is the suprem male and Radha is suprem female.
But others said that Kirshna is suprem in all ways as male and female also.(Govindam adi purusham)
Others said that same is Radha.Since it is defenition of God .
The others said that Lord Chaitanya is the Origin since he is Radha and Krishna simultionisly.
Also there a good exaple of God as Shiva and Parvati as one person.

So please can you say wath is your own understanding of the Suprim Origin.
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Re: About the Suprim Origine

Post by Drpta »

Hi Kamalamala,
You know, I also have thought about that and now I think that it does not correct to ask who is the primordial origin - Brahman or Bhagavan? The Brahman and Bhagavan exists simultaneously and I have found that Jiva Goswami wrote about this in his comments on Brahma Samhita (text 40) “Lord Govinda and the impersonal Brahman are the same Godhead, when He manifests His qualities He is Govinda, and when He does not manifest His qualities He is the impersonal Brahman”.

P.S. Also I found curious passage in the Mahanarayana Upanishad (23.1). It is said that Purusha, which is the Supreme Brahman, is an androgynous person so both male and female are present in Him.
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Re: About the Suprim Origine

Post by Hari »

The wide variety of ideas as to who or what is the supreme origin reveals that it is either impossible or very difficult to pinpoint. After all, only the origin knows the origin. If the origin is not saying, we do not know. And if the origin claims to be the origin, how can we be sure when anyone can claim this? We either believe it or disbelieve it. Besides, how do we know that someone claimed to be the origin when we did not hear it directly? The best source we have is the scriptures of the tradition we believe in. As there are multiple traditions and therefore a variety of origin ideas -- even within the Indian tradition there are numerous statements that contradict each other -- a believer of a tradition naturally accepts his or her spiritual authority's version. We cannot know if that opinion is the "real" truth as there is no way to confirm it. We believe what we feel best with.

If existence is ever existing and at no time not existing, there is no concept of origin. The idea of an origin is something discussed in a world where things have a beginning. If there is no beginning in the world of spirit, only ever existing present, then there is no origin.

It seems to me therefore, that the many ideas of origin are presented to massage the minds of people within this world of beginning and end. When the residents of earth have fewer questions nagging them, they sleep better, wake up more refreshed, and move on with their daily activities.
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