Love and forgivness

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Love and forgivness

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Dear Hari
We all know that to get to the space of peace one have to avoid all negative thoughts and negative feelings and emotions and not only towards others but even towards oneself(and it is also important).
And should place in his hearth love and forgiveness.
But in life there are sometimes one have to deal with such a rascals and negative persons that it is so hard to forgive them wath to speak about love/
For small things it is easy to forgive and get out from negative emotions ,but when it serious things it so difficult.
Let say the creatures who are nowdayes just making teror to innocent pwople/Or in history let say how one can forgive auch a creature like Hitler?
How one can in such situation sent love to rascals and fogive them or should one act in other way to get into the place of peace,?
Wath is that way?
There are the example of Pandavas they was ready to forgive but simultanously they didnt forgive /
Can you say the best way in such a cases to get in the peacfull stage?
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Re: Love and forgivness

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Here is the short and simple answer:

If forgiving someone is the key to letting go of the effect they had on you, then by all means forgive them. If you cannot forgive them, or forgiving them is not enough to release the trauma they created, then simply accept what happened and incorporate this acceptance into your life. You may then avoid this person or persons, respond to them with finality, or ignore them entirely and let them drift off into space.

Some things remain with you despite your best efforts. You then have to deal with the lingering lessons or insights these situations continue to cultivate.
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