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Dear Hari

I have a question.

Have we believe sitem or not Life itself is spiritual isnt it ?
But we need goals explanations and values.

Is it possible to practice spirituality without believe sistem?
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Everyone has beliefs. We make assumptions based on these beliefs and from these assumptions come expectations. No one can avoid this.

Everyone accepts that life exists. Disagreements come when we define "life." On the surface, the idea that life is spiritual seems to be quite opposite to the idea that life arises from a combination of atoms. The new idea that life, or rather, consciousness is a product of a simulation interests us because the chasm between believers in matter or spirit might be bridged by it. When consciousness itself is the focus, the conversation centers on what is consciousness rather than what is life. Scientific minds have a harder time grappling consciousness because it is beyond atomic structure. What better way for a rationalist to embrace a non-material consciousness than to push it into the realm of virtual reality created by a super computer or super artificial intelligence? Although virtual reality is a combination of positively or negatively charged particles that create bits and bytes that are manipulated to create structure, as soon as you add the possibility to manipulate organic elements into molecules, the idea that the computer is organic changes the entire discussion. They are already creating organic storage media and using primitive life forms within computers. In time, organic computers will appear that are far more powerful than what we have now. Even if these organic computers can create viable bodies, the consciousness that we have can enter these bodies in the same way life reproduces now. Maybe newer life forms will appear too?

I think it is good that this development occurs because at one point it will either appear that the consciousness of life can be created by manipulation or that it cannot. No longer will discussions about belief have relevance. Until that time, you have your belief system based on your experiences and a rationalist has their conception based on logic. I think we can live in peace together with those who have a different idea and feed each others development. And when it is shown that the other's idea is correct, accept it. "I am right and you are wrong," may make you feel good about yourself, but it doesn't change someone else. If you are indeed correct, eventually others will see it. And if they do not, you cannot change that anyway.

Although we should not absorb ourselves in spiritual concepts if we do experience spiritual energy, many accept spirituality because it purports to give them an easy way out of their troubles. Such persons have a fragile belief system that can be shattered. If we experience spiritual energy and divine consciousness, we will not be persuaded by opposing concepts or logic.
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