A place to ask Hari, exchange ideas with him, give some suggestions, or share some ideas with him on existence. This forum is not the place to discuss anything related to his former status or situation. Hari will reply to all texts.
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I have my own deities of Radha-Krishna.

I don't feel them as 'home deities' or like that word implies, but rather they are mine and I am theirs, with a kind of energy connection between me and them. It is not something I need to meditate in any special way about, it is there all the time. Sometimes I feel it stronger, and can feel it energises my heart (chakra), at other times it is more distant.
When the energy connection grows stronger, I cry or laugh or dance or sing, and feel ecstacy, when it gets weaker my life gets more ordinary.
It makes life kind of crazy.

Do you have anything about what goes on?
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Re: Deities

Post by Hari »

Hey Prsni, nice to hear from you again.

What is happening seems to me to be quite normal. So, "Carry on!"

All is well!
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