A Recommended Reading List!

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A Recommended Reading List!

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I was asked to make a recommended reading list for those who frequent harimedia.net. It has taken me some time to get to this task but here is a list. Besides for a few titles in the beginning of the list, mainly they are titles that I have reviewed for the Russian publishing company, Budusheye Zemli, which publishes most of them in Russian.

I have been hesitant to recommend books in such a list as it gives the impression that I think these are the best books you can read. This is not true. There are millions of great books in the world and I have read but a handful. Further, when I review books for publication, I am only given books that have not yet been published in Russian. There are many great books that I have never seen. So use your own judgment and find books that you like and which can help you. This list is simply a start in that journey.

The list is presented at first in the format of title, author, and publisher, and afterwards listed by publisher (I hope so at least, perhaps it is the agent?), and is presented in no particular order of priority.

At the very top of this list are the books by Almine, published by Spiritual Journeys LLC. I have not found to date any book or teaching from any other source that is as complete, as relevant, as powerful, or as healing. She is truly a magnificent being. Her website is found here: http://spiritualjourneys.com/ Her work is not for everyone. If you are called to it, you are truly fortunate.

I found that the books by Neal Donald Walsh are very helpful for those who have been in groups that presented spirituality in a rather strict or structured manner. Therefore I always recommend the three Conversations With God books, then Communion with God, Friendship with God and Union with God. Whenever I read these books I could read a few pages at a time and then had to stop and contemplate the depths of the concepts presented.

Voices of the Earth - The Path of Green Spirituality. Clea Danaan
Bringing Your Soul to Light, Dr. Linda Backman
New Chakra Healing, Cyndi Dale
Chakras, Auras and the New Spirituality, G. L. Poulson
Energy Focused Meditations, G. L. Poulson
Kundalini & Chakras, G. L. Poulson
Destiny of Souls, M. Newton
Journey of Souls, M. Newton
Soul Visioning, Susan Wisehart
The Tao & The Tree of Life, Eric Steven Yudelove
Astral Voyages, Bruce Goldberg
Soul Healing, Bruce Goldberg
A Chakra & Kundalini WorkBook, J. Mumford
Doors to Other Worlds, Raymond Buckland
Healing the Past, Arian Sarris
How to Communicate with Spirits, Elizabeth Owens
Mind Magic, Marta Hiatt
Psychic Empowerment for Health and Fitness, Joy H. Slate
Soul Mates, Richard Webster
The Ultimate Cure, J. Dreaver
The Yin & Yang of Love: Feng Shui for Relationships, Shan-Tung Hsu

The Rainbow Journey, B. Davis
Twin Souls, Joudry & Pressman
Emotional Alchemy, T. Bennett-Goleman
Energy Medicine, D. Eden & D. Feinstein
How to Mend a Broken Heart, A. Komen and E. Myers
Soul Mates, Terra Wolfe
The Art of Doing Nothing, V. Viene
The Mentor's Spirit, M.Sinetar
When is Enough Enough?, Laurie Ashner
Women & Desire, P.Young-Eisendrath

A.R.E. Literary & Film Agency (Edgar Cayce)
Drugless Therapy, E.Cayce
No Death, E. Cayce
The Place We Call Home, R. J. Grant
The Hidden Meaning of Diseases, Bob Trowbridge
12 Rules of Spirituality, M. Thurston & S. Thurston

A New Earth, Eckhard Toll, Dalton (or other books by this author)
A Little Light on Angels, Diana Cooper, Findhorn
Anything Can Be Healed, Martin Brofman, Findhorn
Improve Your Vision, Martin Brofman, Findhorn
Learning To Love, Eileen Caddy, Findhorn
Be Your Own Therapist, Susan Wright, Vision
Change Your Aura/Change Your Life, Barbara Martin, Spiritual Arts Institute
Exploring Auras, Susan Shumsky, New Page Books
Exploring Chakras, Susan Shumsky, New Page Books
Help Yourself Find Your Way Through Divorce, Jill Curtis, Help Yourself
Secrets to Living Younger Longer, Michael Mayer, Body Mind Healing
Wisdom's Choice, Kathryn Adam Shapiro, Beyond Words Publishing
Yoga Therapy, AG Mohan Indira, Shamballa

God Without Religion, Sankara Saranam

P. & R.
The Healing Journey, M. Manning
Thoughts That Harm, Thoughts That Heal, Кeith Mason

Power Healing, Shi Gang Sha

The Prophet, Kahlil Gibrana
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