A Personal Sharing of Health Concerns and Advice Part 2

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A Personal Sharing of Health Concerns and Advice Part 2

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* Vaccinations are a hot topic amongst the alternative community and have been avoided by the Amish altogether. The Amish have an extremely low autism rate in their children. Read this article to find out more about this controversial subject: http://www.mercola.com/2001/aug/18/vaccine_myths.htm. This website has much valuable information from a real doctor and real scientists.

* If you have an infection, not treating it is pure stupidity. Antibiotics are required in case of infection, unless you have found a viable alternative that really works. One can refer to the many alternative health books that are published to get an alternative program. Many researchers are sounding alarms about the diminishing affect of antibiotics as the strains of bacteria become more and more resistant. In some hospitals, one can develop a worsening of health due to the bacteria that is rampant there that defies cleansing. Although I have and will continue to take antibiotics when they are absolutely required, since I take them so rarely I don't have a problem. I even take antibiotics from the older days as they are milder and still work for me. But when there is no screaming urgency, I start with Colloidal Silver and Grape Seed Extract. I find these two in combination, along with supporting supplements, give me the help I need.

* There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that stress is a sure-fire way to sickness. Considering that the process of realization I teach depends on complete relaxation, stress is it antithesis. When we are energetically wrapped up in stress, the cell's normal functioning is distorted and we fall into dis-ease. Not at all good. One has to arrange life so that stress is minimized.

* Unresolved internal conflict is a marvelous pathway to abnormal bodily reactions. Those who cannot deal with unresolved conflicts often choose to exit from this life by creating fatal diseases. The power of our will and emotion is extremely great and can create effects that mirror or deepest desires for death or, as some see it, the great reliever from the pains of life. Dealing with these conflicts is an urgent necessity if one wishes to maintain health throughout life. Even if one does not believe this totally, everyone knows that we can more or less influence our bodily conditions through our will.

* I am often asked, "What diet is best, what should I do, how should I live [and so on] to be more healthy and relaxed?" Although I have attempted to answer these questions, and will probably still suggest some ways in which one can specifically resolve these questions on one's own, I have come to the conclusion that one who is energeticaly aware of the self will be in harmony with the physical body and will develop awareness of how the food we eat affects us, how the music or media we accept creates our moods, how the vibrations of the environment around us distort our natural frequencies, and in general, how anything from the exterior world affects our being. Therefore, I recommend coming in contact with one's self, one's body and mind, and learning to feel what is compatible with our own personal energy and what is not. We will automatically adjust our habits accordingly and will have the best chance to solidify our health through our own efforts.

* Interestingly enough, have you ever noticed how truly happy people are rarely ill? I even know someone, and I attempt to practice this myself, who refuses to ever accept that he is sick. One continues with life as if there is no sickness and soon whatever discomfort was there is gone. His theory is that when we embrace sickness, sickness embraces us, and when we do not embrace it, it finds somewhere else to go. This works in its own marvelous way, but when I am really finished, I admit defeat and do something to deal with the ailment. But again, happiness causes illness to stay at a distance for one when is satisfied in one's situation, has nothing to gain by being sick. When one finds sickness to serve one's needs, a break from stress, a required isolation from the madness around us, the ability to not do what we must, or any number of a million other reasons why we find disease suitable, one creates it or attracts it. Louise Hay's books address this issue, but there are most likely more elements that work together to create the profile of our physical being. Don't disrespect the role your genes play in your health. Your environment, your diet, the amount of toxins you ingest and your overall mood or opinion of yourself are all factors. Accidents or congenital defects are certainly important factors.

* There are some great therapies out there, but some are hard to find outside the USA. NAET is a good method to relieve allergies; NET is a very promising field to relieve emotionally fueled distortions in one's body which are the foundation for many problems; or other forms of therapy that deals with the effect of energy on the cellular level (which are mainly derivatives of the pioneering Core Energetics field). If you can find a good energy healer, you are blessed. If you cannot find any of this, at least get a good massage now and then and relax. Hypnosis helps some. Psycho-therapy helps in its own way. The list of what is out there is endless, but one has to find one's own way through the myriad of techniques to accept those which are relevant to your present health needs.

* Exercise regularly. Get out in nature and fresh air. Meditate regularly. Try yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, do something nice for yourself! If you cannot do anything else, go for long walks. Use it or lose it.

* Much more can be said, but I don't think it useful for me to say more at this time. At least this is a start. These hints are simply my own way of dealing with the problems I have faced and I am sharing them because I am often asked to recommend something. There would be nothing better than finding a good doctor, whether they be of the modern allopathic school, a homeopath, an ayurvedic physician, an Unani physician, a herbal doctor, naturpath, acupuncturist or Chinese doctor, or anyone who can solve your problems.
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