An Urgent Message from EAPE! Please read!

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An Urgent Message from EAPE! Please read!

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Esoteric Association for Peaceful Ether (EAPE)

Throughout the ages, working with energy within the etheric realm has been the exclusive right of an elite group of mystics. Coming from traditions that have often had hidden and elusive agendas, or that at least demanded efforts, disciplines or qualifications far beyond the capability of ordinary people, these mystics have dominated entrance into the development and practice of esoteric capability. Included within this limited group are mystic yogis from ancient times, Tibetan monks, powerful mystics of the Asian martial traditions, South East Asian tantrics, Shamans, Mystics from all religious traditions including Hindu, Muslim, Kabala, Sufi, Pagan and even some Christian groups, those who practice Vodoo or other Black arts, and others not listed here. Although the number of such groups is many, there are only a few who have mastered the art maturely and for the good of all.

As times have changed and the initiation into religious or spiritual groups is becoming less important, intrusive and even irrelevant, the way in which people enter into the etheric realms is transforming. Using their previous attainments and connecting with entities from other dimensional realms, many are awakening to powers and sensitivity that give them entrance into arenas of activity formerly restricted to mystic initiates.

Initiation was meant to restrict who would have access to the tools of power. However, since the motives of the different groups offering this access spanned from a desire to selfishly control and manipulate the lives of others to being an agent of the bright light of God, initiation did little but distinguish the members of one group from another. Considering the many possibilities of how this energy would be used there was little use in initiation as a right of passage into a positive profession, such as we have now in the medical or teaching fields. In short, any person, regardless of their internal character and understanding, could find a place within an energetic art if they were simply etherically tuned to it. Thus those who were attuned to hatred and tasting its power could become as powerful as those whose love was so great they were willing to risk themselves for the sake of others.

At present, the situation is confused. Although there are still many who have entered into the etheric realms via the traditions mentioned above, there is a large and growing number of independently minded mystics who are open to discovering another way of using their capacities. The Esoteric Association for Peaceful Ether is a group of such independently motivated mystics who see a need to create order within the chaos of the vibratory fields that affect earthly beings. Many esoteric communities are aware of this association and call it by different names. Names are not important, function is critical. The particular nomenclature we are utilizing in this declaration is meant to unite those who are already working in this way in an etheric belt of power.

Those who are against order; in other words, who find it advantageous to work within an anarchistic and unregulated field, have their own personal agendas which often include manipulating others, harming others, or using their powers for economic and personal gain. Not only do we find a whole profession of for-hire energetic assassins, but we have observed those who rejoice in manipulating the lives of others as a justification of their own existence. One may argue that they also have a right to exist in the creation in this unique manner; however, those who are being attacked, manipulated and harmed, even if the effect is no more than to make them confused, afraid and depressed, would not agree that merely because one has the power to dominate another one therefore has a universally acknowledged right to do so.

Yet, those who are familiar with the etheric realm know well that on this level power is the main formative factor and the foremost force used for the benefit or harm of others. To date, there have been many attempts by genuinely concerned groups and individuals to do something good for the world and its people. Pockets of resistance against the overwhelming tide of malcontents have done much good. However, this has not been without cost to those brave souls who have worked selflessly within the light.

There is power in working in a unified and integrated manner. When many join hands in building a vibration of love and strength that resonates with the energy of the Universal Mother, this power pacifies the distortions created by etheric agitation and exploitative selfish anarchy. This loving rainbow of etheric ambience creates waves of enlightened energy to flow through the hearts and minds of those who have the power and capacity to influence what happens on earth.

This creation of a woven fiber of protective and supportive energy through the matrix of the ether has enormous power and will create wondrous results. As above, so below, and thus when the blanket of integrated love, power, and understanding smothers the fire of passion, hatred and selfish exclusivity, physical manifestations on this plane of earthly elements will clearly reflect the plan from above. This is not going to come about automatically and neither is it simply a question of waiting for shifts in time. Although the proper time has arrived and the elements for such a descent of integrated architectural motion are in place, without the combined energy from the etheric community it will not manifest.

This association can link this plan and the people of earth by connecting and motivating those with the power, love and understanding to make it happen. On this level there is no obstacle to participation according to a membership in any spiritual, esoteric, mystical or religious group, for all are energetically invited to participate in this effort for the common good, yet we must be careful to not allow sectarian ideas to diminish our power. All that is needed is the desire to connect to those of similar vibration dedicated to clearing away the influence of anarchistic selfish exploiters by neutralizing their capacity to interfere with the process.

If this message resonates with you, you are invited to partake in this circle of power. If it does not, do not try, for this circle is monitored and incompatible with destructive energies and entities which will be purged from it.

The qualifications to participate are simple and are listed here for clarity:

* You must want to be connected to others doing this work -- not necessarily full time, but when called to do so.
* You must feel internally motivated to manifest the process and happy to be called into service.
* You must have a desire to be of service.
* You are aware of the etheric energy and can visualize it, move it, and work with its power.
* You are not afraid of etheric energy and not afraid of working with it, even if only to fuel the pool of power for good.
* You like to learn from others when it is appropriate to do so and are not absorbed in your own agenda; in other words, you are not entering into this association with a motive to transform it or push your interests forward. Although each participant certainly transforms the group by their entrance into it, those who feel a need to manipulate it for their own ends or exploit it for their own sake will distort the effort and will be removed.
* If you are not yet fully qualified to contribute yet are willing to purge negative influences, stating this etherically and accepting energetic balancing will create the required qualification rapidly.
* You are not an elitist who thinks that your particular manner of etheric capacity derived from some group affiliation is superior to others and therefore not to be diluted or polluted by others’ energy.
* You are someone who wants to share and contribute, not leech energy from the group.

One may wonder how such qualifications can be enforced. The founders of this association, a group of evolved and powerful beings both within physical and non-physical forms, will regulate the energetic band that ties all together and will remove those that refuse to accept the guidelines from the connection. It is not recommended to test the strength or play with these beings for they have a zero tolerance policy as such a mentality at this late stage of the effort will delay and disrupt. Making this effort public through this declaration indicates that the effort to join the etheric and physical planes is at its later stages and a critical junction has been reached. Zero tolerance is only for the protection of those who selflessly wish to participate in the melding of the etheric template with the physical plane.

Those of you who agree to this invitation, are enthused by it, and are eager to participate shall be called into service. You will feel the connection through your personal meditation and through group meditations done by the founding members of the association. Have faith in yourself and believe in your experience and your capacity to perform this service. Feel the power, for the more you feel it, the more you can contribute to it. When there is negativity, purge it by burning it up. Only those who are appointed by the directorate may engage in the more powerful forms of regulatory force; others will be neutralized. It is the responsibility of all to destroy negativity by burning it in the light of the violet flame and flooding the etheric arena with the white light of love.

The work can be done anytime when you are in a peaceful mood, when you feel strongly that it should be done, at night or early morning when the energy around you is not active, or when you are attacked or others are in need. You may help others over distance after learning how to send healing energy when physically in the presence of one in need. Good thoughts have power, as do negative ones. Creating positive elementals that build and give strength to others are beneficial to you and them for the more good you do for others, the more powerful you will become. Do not do anything beneficial for someone without their permission and do not force yourself on anyone unless you are defending yourself or your family from negativity or are burning up negative energy. Always act in a way that reflects the effulgent matrix of love. Be powerful, yet be in command of your energy and your motivations. Do not fear any energy, for negative energy feeds on fear and weakens you. Your capacity to burn all fear with the violet flame (used as a flamethrower or a volcanic explosion of extreme intensity) is simply limited by your desire to visualize all good for yourself and those you love. All good you do returns to you expanded while all negativity you project rules your life and creates your dissolution. At this particular time in our development as a planet all efforts reap results many times multiplied from what was usual in the past. As this is the nature of the etheric realm, it is only natural that as we grow in our capacity we work more under the rules of the etheric realm and less under the limitations of the physical.

Now is the time. There is no need to doubt yourself or your capacity. If you have been engaged in some form of connection with a founder of this association (regardless of the name it was given), you are already fully prepared for your participation. Simply continue consciously. Otherwise, connect to the stream of power that is growing day by day and flow with it, for you have nothing to lose but your unnecessary bondage to fear.

We wish you well. We are united and strong. We are powerful and will not be deviated from our purpose. Those who work to create a distortion in the complex field of planetary unification shall have their power removed and their energies purified. All will join this effort in due course. The ether will be regulated for the good of the future. The time is now.
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