Reflections on the A-Z's of Life

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Reflections on the A-Z's of Life

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Accepting is something I do when I agree with something and something I must do when I do not. And another analogous aspect appears -- being appreciated by others is often all anyone aspires for.

Beauty is that which makes me wonder, but better, it brings bright beams of bounty into boring lives.

Charisma is transmitted by an energy that says, "I can do this, just see!"

Demons are handy excuses for the reality we should not have created.

Eternity is another way of speaking about life -- an elegant concept to energize enthusiastic exchanges, and for this I remain eternally grateful.

Finesse is the capacity to pull out of a tight curve and look better for it.

Grumbling is what I do when I am honest about reality's power over me. Gambling is what I do when I think I can beat reality's odds.

Heart-warming ambience fills the heart with the happy desire to healthily connect to others with a hug.

Insignificant things insistently impact our attention when we perceive their import exploding into insight.

Jumbled thoughts lead to jumpy conclusions

Kicked in the head by hard knocks? Say ouch and move on, come what may.

Love is all there is. Thank God for that song and Lennon for the lyrics. Lovingly listening to others is something I do when I am not listening to myself.

Motives are often hidden, but their manifestations are always available for all to see.

Nothing is ever what is seems, including nothingness.

Opportunities are everywhere; problems are only open doors.

People prevail, perhaps because they positively propagate prosperity.

Qi is my essence and quite simply my source of quietude and quintessence.

Revolution can also infer the incessant revolving of the cycles of reverie and remorseful remembrance.

Satisfaction is guaranteed to one who is always satisfied within, while successful satiation of sensual salubriousness is guaranteed to one who succinctly avoids seeking such.

Tumult and tremors come when tensions twist and thwart all forms of torpidity.

Unexpected usefulness is found in utilizing untapped capacity to serve unconditionally.

Vanity voids all visible virtue.

Wellness is well being without worn weaknesses withering wishful willpower.

X can be Mac's best OS, the number 10, a cross out of what you don't want, or that stuff which you want but are embarrassed to express.

Youth is a symptom of feeling young and not bound to bodily age.

Z truth of z matter lies in getting enough zzz's at night to zatisfy!
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